Four new members Rotary Club of Peekskill

On Thursday September 29, 2016 we installed 4 new members which brings us to 90 members.
 In photo, new members are (from left) Sol Miranda, Katie Feder, Michael DeSalvo and Leslie Jannacone.  New members are issued white Rotary caps which they must wear at all Rotary functions until they collect on them as many signatures as they can from all current members.  It’s our way of getting them – and all current members – to meet each other.  Caps may be removed when the new member requests and receives a  positive voice vote from all members during a regular meeting.  (Such approval is rarely given until the second or third request.)

Club Assembly Meeting

Lillian Henning and Pete Goodale
Club President Pete Goodale then recognized our wonderful Lillian Henning for 25 years as a member!
Pete also recognized two of our eight HONORARY Rotarians - first, George Goess, Peekskill High School teacher and Interact Club Advisor.  He has done a wonderful job keeping Interact a viable club in the Peekskill City School District and was instrumental in sending two students to Bermuda this past spring as part of the RYLA Leadership training.
George Goess, Pete Goodale, and Ed Tafur
Then there's Jim Witt, resident meteorologist. By day he is a mild mannered weather forecaster for WHUD radio who keeps all his Facebook friends riveted to his "research only" weather maps. By night (well, maybe evenings and weekends), he is an amazing advocate and fundraiser for the charity HOPE FOR YOUTH.  Peekskill Rotary is privileged to combine efforts with Jim for the annual Hope for Youth Golf Outing in June - always a great time and great fundraiser.
Jim Witt and Pete Goodale
Pete presented member Daisy Jopling with a retroactive check for her show last week allowing for many youth to not only attend but participate in her show.  It was an amazing treat not only for the kids but for the spectators as well.  Keep up the good work Daisy!
Daisy Jopling and Pete Goodale