Chrissy Meslener's house
15 Red Oak Lane
Garrison, NY  10524
United States

If you find yourself unable to make our lunch meetings, and are falling behind on all the great things going on in our club, we are now holding an extra 1 hour "summary" meeting during the evening on the third Thursday of each month to update members on what they are missing! If you can make these one hour, once a month meetings, and be active in some of the many events throughout the year (not just the horse show), we will see that you are committed to the tenets of Rotary and will make a concerted effort to ensure you stay a member.

Meetings will be held either at a member's residence or a local establishment.  If at a residence, please provide your own beverage. If at an establishment, it is on you whether you want to order something or not.  Food is not provided so the only charge would be the amount you pay for the club kitty ($2.00).